Maxima learning packages - asset management, funds

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Compliance Obligations and Penalties (COP)

Asset servicing, corporate events impacting shareholder returns
2. Absolute return still role in portfolios despite benchmark issues
3. Wealth asset management registered financial adviser standards
4. Business Performance: branding, vision, meeting strategy, clients, selling
5. Corporate governance :getting it right in the board room
6. Currency management: forex asset class in own right contributing returns
7. Low cost hedging using derivatives to better manage asset exposures
8. Diversified growth or multi-strategy funds how they add value
9. Environmental, social, governance: its all about the "E" and the "S"
10. Exchange traded products $5trn market focus on tracking, spread plus
11. Foreign exchange one build a solid foundation for best client outcomes
12.Fund Management a severely disrupted industry know your client risks

13. Global investor services (inc custody) the essential plumbing know it well
14. Hedge fund strategies adding value when used by the well trained
15 Sustainable income in a continuing low interest rate environment
16. Operational risk for all financial institutions latest applications
17. Performance measurement:know the sources of out-performance
18. Securities lending reducing fund's expense ratio
19. Check your manager is acheiving best price and optimum execution
20. How accurate is your fund's unit pricing: does fund apply best practice?
21. Drafting your charity's investment policy and asking the right questions
22. Non-investment Madoff, Ross, where are the clients' assets risk


Learning packages

MAXIMA provides:

  • regulation and compliance personnel development

  • incisive continuing professional development upskilling systems

  • all courses are FSLAA Code 2019 compliant

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) range is extensive, being continually reviewed and updated designed to help you in the following ways:

  • help on-boarding and on-going AMLCFT client due diligence

  • help industry stakeholders enhance procedures and processes

  • help firms improve client experience : your most valuable asset

  • challenge status quo asking "is it still fit for purpose?"

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The online platform is divided into four groups:

GROUP ONE: All businesses and people impacted by Know Your Client (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance rules:

  1. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance suite for New Zealand and Australia includes three modules of AMLCFT, CDD and COP 

  2. Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

  3. Compliance Obligations and Penalties (COP)

  4. Free specialist sector clip on CDD for accountants 


GROUP TWO: For businesses and stakeholders committed to delivering outstanding asset performance and client experiences 

11. Best execution when trading
12. Corporate governance
13 Contemporary net asset value unit pricing
14. Environmental, social, governance : a new fad or here to stay!
15. Understanding fund management and role of fiduciary
16. Global investor services (domestic and global custody plus plus)
17. Managing fund risks: important “where are my assets?”
18. Securities lending ( and borrowing) helps improve MER/TER
19. Transition/ rebalancing : keeping funds on track

1. Asset servicing failings will impact fund performance
2. Hedge funds with more pallatible fees, blending with traditional
3. Business performance: keep making your firm better
4. Derivative tools for risk management and hedging
5. ETFs US$5trn low cost strategic and tactical asset allocation
6. Foreign exchange 101 focus on basics to mitigate losses
7. Foreign exchange 201 macro, HFT, and culture
8. Alpha directional strategies appeal in flat markets
9. Performance measurement and attribution
10. Client relationships managing your greatest asset

GROUP THREE: Investment entry courses for retail, KiwiSaver, and those who just want "to know more" investors

  1. Investment 101 Understand financial markets, investment environment, personal goals explained, important asset allocation behind returns and much more!

  2. Investment 201 Build on what you have learnt in 101; taking you to the next level

GROUP FOUR (specialist): Bank and non-bank commercial lending and consumer finance

  1. Responsible Lending: better outcomes for lenders and borrowers 

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